If an open mind is a two way street, the inside of Lot’s head

must look like the broad and spacious boulevards you find in old

European cities like Paris and Rome. There’s no expectation when

she’s looking at the world around her. Just acknowledgement and


Through hours of meditational drawing a day she creates

patterns, mantras, monsters and quotes which can be a reflection

of almost anything; Old hobo signs, ancient symbols, poetic

dreams or just a conversation with her cats.

She has a terrible fear of new, white paper. So you can find her

cruising through Amsterdam on a skateboard or a carrier cycle

looking for old, abandoned materials which could turn into a

background for her materialized thoughts. Wooden panels,

windows, pieces of old floorboards…

At the Royal Academy of Art she redefined the whole concept of

graduation by handing in a hand written / drawn final paper and

rebuilding her living room in the middle of the school. They had

to let her go… One of Amsterdam’s favourite artists, Piet Parra,

took her in to show her something about what it takes to be a

professional artist these days. Straight away she had a local hit

launching her ‘Rip This Shirt’ concept. You buy a T printed by Lot

with the strong encouragement to cut it up as fast as you can. Her

underground style also found upper class recognition as she drew

designs for brands as Scotch and Soda, Absolut Vodka and Dom Perignon.

(written by Gideon Bouwens)